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Wife's Threesome Fantasy
by innocentwife ©

I am so into you now I can barely wait and I know at this point that you are going to make me cum and I am dying with anticipation. I feel something warm and oozy on my vagina and ask you what that is!? You say just wait and tell me what you think! I feel you swirl it around all over the outer part of me with your tongue and the more you breath and swirl the hotter it becomes and is setting me on fire! It is a heat lotion. I almost cum right there! Next you start to lick me faster and faster and harder and harder! All of a sudden you just stop! I am about to die in pleasure and frustration, as I cannot figure out what you are doing! I am so near orgasm that I can already feel my vagina pulsating! You then gently take my foot and slip something soft onto it, then the other foot. At this point I am very curious and begging for more. I feel the same softness on my hands as well and can only anticipate what your next move is as I am assuming they are some sort of restraint? All of a sudden I feel both my hands and feet tighten as you tie them to each corner of the bed so I am spread eagle. (I don’t know how you did it, but this is my fantasy, so we have bedposts!) I am instantly aroused and I cannot stand it any longer! I feel more erotic than I have ever been before. So many thoughts go racing into my head I cannot keep track of them. You once again go down onto me and suck me to almost orgasm, which obviously has not taken any time at all! I am yearning to come and at the same time I don’t want it to end because I am enjoying every moment of teasing you have put me through! You take the toy cock that vibrates and use it on me as you continue to give me oral sex! It only takes a moment longer and I cum all over your face! I beg you to put your dick in my mouth, which you tell me I have to wait. You leave the room and as I wait there I can still feel my vagina pulsing from me Cumming and it seems like an eternity until I hear you come back in. You straddle over my breasts where I feel your balls touching my one breast and I feel your penis touch my lips where it doesn’t stay for long as I devour as much as I can. I am getting a bit frustrated since I am tied down and cannot use my hands. I ask you to untie me and you say no, you are not finished with me yet! As I am giving you head I feel another presence near my legs as a second “wheel” approaches and starts to give me oral sex. I am ready to explode! I am so nervous as I was not expecting this and I have no idea who you have brought home! Thoughts quickly leave as I cannot even contain myself with the sure delight I am feeling right now and you are now feeling it too as you as well are excited by my rapid sucking and you cum into my mouth! After I suck all the cum off of you, you dismount and the other gentleman has stopped what he is doing and starts sucking on my breasts as you take your penis and slam it into me!!!!! No mercy at this point, just raw hard sex and I am in heaven! I ask for him to come closer and as you are fucking the hell out of me I start to suck him off as he takes off the wrist restraints. You pull out and cum instantly! Your moaning sends me into frenzy, as I know this whole thing is turning you on. I am not even sure at this point who is who and I don’t care! I feel another penis enter me and at this point I am assuming it is the other body. I am feeling so damn nervous as a “first time” experience and it is unbearably exciting! I feel the ankle restraints come off and I now am sucking someone off again. Having one in my mouth and another inside of me is enough to make me cum again and again. You tell me to turn over onto my knees and I feel another entry doggie this time. It is hard and fast and I cum again just thinking about all that is taking place. Whoever is on me is still going full force and I feel someone’s head slide underneath me and start to eat on me at the same time...OH MY GOD! After I cum yet again, I tell whomever it is to come up on the bed I want to suck you! They oblige and I suck whomever it is off until I feel them cum and I pull them out just as they do because I don’t know who it is anymore. I still want to stay loyal to my husband, as he is all I will ever do that for! A brief moment goes by and I hear you say need me one more time and again pull me down towards the end of the bed and start pumping me again! You say there is only one more thing you want to try and if I trust you enough to do whatever you want? I have no choice but to say yes as no is definitely not my vocabulary right now and we have been at this for 2 hours! The room reeks of sex and there is no humility at this point! You start to rub your finger around my ass and I feel you grab something that turns out to be “anal ease”. You put a large amount on your finger and gently work it in as far as you can. You lie on the bed and tell me to come lay down on top of you as you lay on your back with my back on your stomach. The other guy helps me as I feel awkward since I cannot see! He is sucking my nipples all the way down until I lay down on you, still sucking from one to the other. You gently work your penis into my ass and working back and forth until the lube is working so damn well that I am now pumping back into you as it is starting to feel really good. The Tongue leaves my breasts and I feel a tongue fluttering quickly on my vagina and I don’t know where to concentrate my sensations, as both feel so good! The fluttering stops and a penis is slammed into my vagina, which sends instant gratification to both you and I!!!!! Both of you pumping at the same time, simultaneously, it is almost too much for all of us to bare! One thrust after another hard and fast and there is so much pressure in that immediate area that it becomes a burning friction that builds with each thrust! I can feel balls hitting my vagina and making the anal experience much more intense! You stop pumping all together as the other guy is pumping fast enough for us all and in a brief flash we hear a unified moan beyond all moans as all three of us have orgasmed at the same time! Each one of us being able to feel each other pulsate and it seems so loud that we can actually hear it! One, two, moan, three four, moooaannn! We collapse, as every pulse seems like an eternity of pleasure...

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