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Saturday Nights
by Roohan ©

It was a lazy Saturday one evening when she dropped by and we had dinner. We hardly drink too much, but that night we got drunk. I had recently been given a five-liter bottle of Johnny Walker’s and we nearly finished half the bottle. The drink at first caused us to a little tipsy, then seeing the condition we all were in it was decided that Maureen would stay on for the night. The knowledge that she did not have to go anywhere called for another round of drinks. And so the drinks became two and then three. We were real high by midnight. The drinks loosened our tongues, and clothes. My wife started it first by saying she was feeling hot. She quickly removed her dress and sat nonchalantly in her bra and panties. Maureen followed suit. They, now in just two pieces of bare clothing fell on me, insisting that I too pay them respects and rid myself of my pants and t-shirt. I had to, Maureen pulling me from one side and Sharin from the other. I sat quite embarrassed of the tent my cock was making in my briefs. They laughed when they saw and put their heads together and whispered something to each other. My wife of nine years got up and came to me, sitting on the arm of the chair leaned and kissed me deep, tongue probing kiss. I was so involved in the kiss that I did not notice Maureen sneaking up to me and hooking her finger in my brief and swiftly pulling it down. I jumped up in shock and embarrassment. “Come on, be a sport. It is just for fun.” My said. I too, dulled by drink told myself why not. Sat down and asked them to strip, each one of them. To have a man naked and not be naked themselves was disrespectful. “You strip us.” Maureen said. I fell on them, my wife first. And then Maureen would be next. My wife was easily made nude, Maureen was heavier built and I had a bit of struggle. To win the fight, which I was beginning to lose, I quickly placed my lips on her nipple. I had managed to push her bra down her shoulder and had easy access to her one nipple. That did the trick. She immediately began to show signs on losing the will to fight back. I seized the moment and placing her hand on her crotch squeezed it. She was not fighting anymore. I removed her clothes and got and did a jig of victory, stumbled and fell back on my couch. Maureen got up suddenly quiet. And a while later we announced we would go to bed. I jokingly peered as if I couldn’t see and asked “Which one of you is my wife, I need her oven for my bread.” “I don’t know about wife Hon, but you sure have too hot and ready ovens here.” My wife said, and I was too drunk to be shocked at the words. “Come on Hon, fuck her. Look how the poor girl’s cunt is weeping for want of attention.” And sure she was, Maureen’s juices were dripping on to the couch, leaving a wet patch there. I got up, stumbled a little and gave Maureen a bow. “ Kin I bake a bread in yer oven ma'm, I mighty hungry.” I doffed an imaginary hat at her. She leaned back and just spread her legs. Maureen is a little on the heavy size. She has big boobs, big ass. The exact opposite of my wife. I needed no second invitation. I brought my cock to the entrance of her cunt and rub it against her rubbed the length of it on her pussy lips. Her juices were really flowing. I had my cock slick and shiny in no time. I have a well-endowed body. I am strong, I work out regularly. I have an eight-inch cock, five inches thick at the smallest and almost eight inches in circumference at the head. I spread her pussy apart and put my cock at the entrance, one heave and I was sinking into her. She half moaned and half screamed as her pussy stretched to accommodate me. My wife had got up from where she was sitting and was watching the cock enter the cunt. “Go all the way in Hon, tear her apart. Let her feel the pleasure I feel with your cock in me.” I withdrew until the head and drove back, all the way. She came. Maureen came with a scream and sprayed her juices around my cock, her cunt worked like a muscle, trying to pull the cock in as I was trying to pull out. Sucking it in. I had never had this experience before, never fucked a cunt that had such powerful muscles. “Wow, you are tight Maureen.” I said. I fucked her slowly, she came several times. My wife was now jumping around, dripping like I had never seen her before. The juice was trickling down her thighs and calves. “You are wasting it sweetheart. Why don’t you give some of your juice to Maureen, she must me thirsty with all the fucking.” I was as if the idea had not occurred to my wife, she walked with sudden excitement and climbed over the couch, her leg on either side of Maureen’s face and sat on her mouth. Maureen went almost crazy as she saw my wife’s juicy cunt right at her lips. She began to lick; no she began to lap up the cunt like a dog laps a drink. My wife and Maureen were shuddering together. I was still pumping her. My eyes fell on Sharin’s ass hole. I lapped up some juice from Maureen and wet my finger and inserted it in her ass. That did it. My wife came like crazy. “This is good, fuck, fuck.” I was near exploding. I began to withdraw from Maureen. She took her lips away from Sharin’s cunt to scream. “Inside me, come inside me.” I drove back again. This time I was banging her hard and fast. I exploded filling her wet and hot oven with my scalding juice. We fell on each other. A while later the two beauties had enough strength to crawl to my cock and lick my cock clean. Their lips meeting and straying from my cock now and then to kiss each other. I fucked them both one more time each before falling into bed into deep sleep. That was a wonderful Saturday night six years ago. Maureen now spends her Saturday nights with us. We don’t drink as much though, but we usually fuck each other into Sunday afternoons. Every one should have friends like we have. You should find your Maureen too, or a Jack if you prefer an extra man in the triangle. Life – and love – reaches a different plane altogether.

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