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Spaghetti Dinner
by Sexy_Nymph

We set the plates in the sink and put the food away quickly. As I close the fridge I feel you press up behind me. I close my eyes and sigh softly as I feel your hands slip under my robe. I hear your quiet groan when you encounter nothing underneath. Your hands move and untie my robe then move to cup my breasts lovingly, your thumbs rubbing over my already taut nipples, pulling a soft moan from my lips. You whisper in my ear all the things you want to do to me. Your words, your breath against my ear, and your hands stroking my breasts making me moan again and press my body back against yours, feeling your hard cock press against my ass. I turn in your arms, wrapping my arms around you pulling your into a passionate kiss. You gently press me back against the fridge your hips pressed tightly against mine. I run my hands down your chest, I unbutton your pants and push them and your boxers off, your cock springing free as you pull off your shirt. You grind your hips against me and I moan softly, pressing my soaking pussy against you. I beg for you to fuck me and you pull my legs up to wrap them around your waist. You thrust your cock hard and deep inside me, making me moan louder then before. Our passion already high makes you thrust into me quickly. Already I feel my climax close. You burry your face in my breasts sucking hard on my nipples as I moan once more. I whimper as I tell you I'm coming seconds before my body tenses in orgasm, my pussy milking your cock, you moan my name as you come holding your cock deep inside me as you fill my womb with your seed. I slowly lower my feet back to the floor, cupping your cheeks and kissing you deeply. You take my hand and gently lead me to the bedroom. I follow willingly and smile as you ask me to stop just before the door. You ask me to close my eyes and I comply. I hear you open the door and lead me through. You tell me to stay in this spot and I agree to. I hear some rustling and feel you wrap a blindfold around my head to cover my eyes. Again you begin to lead me and gently sit me on the bed, you push off my robe and ask me to lie down so I'm comfortable. I do so and you gently tie my wrists and ankles to the bedposts. I shiver in anticipation, already wet again. I feel you lay down beside me and begin to caress my chest, then to my surprise I feel someone else lie on the other side of me. I feel a second hand caress my chest, more rough then your touch, I moan knowing you had planned tonight to fulfill my deepest fantasy. I feel you kiss my ear and nibble gently as the other person kisses down my shoulder and flicks his tongue over my nipple. I moan and turn my head to kiss you passionately. Your hand moves to my breast again and you tweak my nipple gently as the other person's hand runs down between my legs and begins to stroke my clit. I arch my back and moan as they slide two thick fingers deep inside me. Your mouth now moves to my breast as you begin to nibble on my nipple. I begin to grind my hips against his fingers as he pumps them faster inside me. You gently pull off my blindfold and untie me as I moan and arch my back in complete ecstasy. The other man's thumb begins to caress my clit as his fingers move inside me. You kiss and caress my breasts as I moan desperately. I beg you to fuck me, you grin and lie down on your back and tell me to ride you, and I eagerly straddle your hips. I see the other man lather his cock with lube and I moan softly. I feel him kneel behind me and he begins to lube up my ass. Again I moan as he presses his hard cock again my tight ass. Slowly he pushed himself deep inside me, my body shakes with the fantastic feeling of being so full. Slowly you and him begin to move keeping in rhythm together. I grind my hips back against both of you and moan wantonly. The two cock pistoning inside me causing my orgasm to rise quickly. Both of you pick up your pace staying in rhythm. My entire body shakes at the intensity of my orgasm. Bother of you come deep inside my pussy and ass. My head drops to your shoulder and I kiss you gently thanking both of you for fulfilling my fantasy.

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