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Wife's Past Experience
by mbesq ©

The answers started to make her blood boil… so she decided to push the issue and she asked to see their cocks. She was joking but to her surprise, they pulled them out. The first thing she noticed was that they were not small and most of all Evan was long and thick just as he had bragged. She thought what the hell she had never had more than one guy and it might be fun. She said that if she did it they had to ensure her that she would be taken care of and that each one of them was to lick her pussy before they fucked her. Then she told me that she had a tape. “Why do you still have it”, I asked. “Well I was afraid that if I threw it away it would end up in the wrong hands.” With that bit of knowledge, I asked to see the tape. She got out of bed, went to her underwear drawer and pulled out an unlabeled VCR tape. She went to the TV, turned it on and put the tape in. She returned to bed just as the first images began to appear. The room looked like a typical barracks style room. The walls were freshly painted white with two beds and two armoires. They started out with Jane sitting on the edge of the bed leaning back on her hands as she watched the guys get undressed. John was already naked and standing in front of her. Evan was taking his clothes off in the background and Robert was behind her touching her back and neck and then switching to her sides as he ran his hands down to the side of her ass. He reached his hands around and gently touched her stomach as he started to kiss on her neck. He brought his hands up to her breasts and touched them slightly. She still had her clothes on but before long they all started to take them off. In about a minute she was naked and her youthful body was free in all its glory. She had (and still has) a nice body with firm breasts and a great ass. She slowly laid back on the bed and closed her eyes as the John, who was in front of her, got down and started to taste her fresh pussy. Robert, who was behind her… no was leaning over her. He started to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples as she reached over and began stroking his cock. She opened her eyes as she felt his cock growing larger as the blood rushed to it. She leaned over and extended her tongue to meet the bottom of his throbbing cock head. She gently licked him and then put her lips over him slowly to taste her first prize. John who was on his knees had his hands on her inner thighs and was licking her slowly and enjoying himself. Her pussy was spread out nicely and he was plunging his tongue deep into her. She started to moan quietly as she was being eaten out and tasting a thick warm cock at the same time. She seemed to have a rhythm. She would go down quickly and then pull back out slowly… almost like she was enjoying the sensation of the cock moving past her lips. She was making slurping noises as she seemed to be trying to taste every inch of him. She reached around and grabbed his ass to pull him closer. Robert started to moan and she pulled away right before he shot his load. He came quite heavily and it dripped on the bed. At this sight, she said, “I will suck all three of you all night if you want but I am not drinking any of your shit so don’t even try it”. Robert responded with a grin of satisfaction and said “no problem just keep sucking my cock like you just did”. She replied, “No problem”, mocking him… “Just get on your fucking knees and eat my pussy” and then she laughed. Now that he had gotten his, he moved over to start licking her tits as John came over for his turn. His mouth was still wet from eating her out. She did not even hesitate as she went right down and completely took him in her mouth. She held it there for a second and then slowly pulled it out before she went quickly back to the deep position. She did this a few times before she pulled it out and began to lick his tip and shaft from all sides. She brought him closer and licked his balls and put her mouth around his shaft like she was sucking on a Popsicle and went up and down his shaft. When she got to his head she went back over the top and took it in. She held it there and just moved her lips over his head slowly back and forth. She ran her tongue in circles over his head while it was in her mouth. Evan had moved from the side of her, where he was relegated to rubbing her ass, to where he could get a taste of what appeared to be a sweet pussy. He started out by fingering her. He was using his middle finger and trying to get it as deep as he could. He was also using his tongue to stimulate her pussy lips as he was fingering her. “Turn over”, he commanded. She stopped what she was doing and did as she was told… grinning at him as she moved around on the bed. He positioned her so that her stomach was near the end of the bed which left her ass hanging over the bed. He spread her legs and leaned her forward so that her ass was up and her pussy was exposed. He continued to lick and finger-fuck her while Robert who was rubbing her tits switched to licking her ass cheeks and the small of her back. John had also moved so that he was lying back on the bed with his legs spread and she was now in the middle of them and her head was almost over his crotch. She was holding his cock with one hand and going up and down vigorously as she moved his balls around in a circle with her other hand and trying to make him cum. She noticed his pulse and removed herself just in time for the spurt to come out and down all over his stomach and legs. He sighed in relief and then rolled over. She laid her head down on the bed and looked down to watch the two guys going nuts on her. Her eyes met Evan’s and she motioned quietly for him to come up for his turn. He jumped up to get his chance. His cock was bright red and bulging from being so hard for so long. His cock was longer and thicker than the rest and even though she had just sucked two cocks she seemed to have a look of cock hunger in her eye. He slowly positioned himself in front of her and she looked up and grinned at him. “I guess we saved the best for last, huh”, she said as focused on her treat. She closed her eyes and brought his cock to her lips and for the next minute or so rubbed it all over her lips and around her mouth. With her eyes still closed she opened her mouth and moved over him and swallowed it whole. As she was taking her time enjoying her third cock of the young evening, Robert was also giving her a treat as he was whirling his thick tongue around and penetrating her and licking her clit. He was spreading her cheeks wide so that he could bob his head back and forth to tongue fuck her. John was rubbing her ass and tits and occasionally running his fingers over her asshole. John, who was getting impatient, wanted another crack at her pussy and asked Robert to hurry up. When she heard that she laughed… taking a brief reprieve, she said, “be patient big boy you will get a shot”. She was really going slow on the last one and going up and down with meticulous attention to detail. Her lips were spread tighter than the other two because he had a thick cock. Her face had the look of a woman in ecstasy as she concentrated in the cock in her mouth. Every time she got to his head she went back down and came up slowly. This mix of tongue fucking being delivered by Robert and sucking on Evan’s cock came to a boil. Started to make sounds like she was getting off and it appeared that this started to excite Evan because he leaned his head back and grunted. She kept going and did not move but instead took the whole load in her mouth and moved up and down as if she was keeping him clean as he finished his load. She continued to go down on it for another minute until it looked like it was spotless. The other two guys said “hey, that isn’t fair, I got my shit on my stomach”. She said, “he has a big cock and deserved better treatment” and then she grinned. Evan liked this response and leaned over to kiss her. He rolled her over and began to touch her breasts and upper body as he was kissing her. Now she was getting eaten out and making out at the same time. This only lasted for a few minutes because Robert, who was eating her out, stopped licking her and went back up for his second blowjob. John took notice and jumped at the chance to have another taste of her pussy. He sat there for a few minutes and admired her shapely ass as he rubbed it and stretched his arms to reach her belly. He kissed her thighs and was sniffing her pussy. He put her legs on his shoulders as he buried his head in her pussy. He brought his hands down and around to go under her ass. He started to grab her ass cheeks almost like his was digging in to fuck her but instead he was licking her pussy. You could see that she loved this… “she pulled the cock from her mouth, looked down and said “fuck me, I am ready for some dick”… he popped up and immediately entered her. She went back to sucking Robert’s cock. He was beside her lying down and she was leaning over him to get a better angle. John held her ass with her legs under his arms and started to move back and forth. He was moving slowly but was coming almost completely out and then pushing it as far in her as he could. He lifted her legs up so that her ass was exposed and he held them in front of him as he fucked her pussy as it peeked through her legs that he was holding together. He began to move quickly and then came. When he slowed down and came out the second guy got in and immediately did the same. He fucked her for a few minutes but she was not cumming. She lay there with her eyes closed and felt every inch that he gave her. Before too long he came and the last one got in. He was the one that she swallowed. When he entered she could tell and let out a moan. His dick was longer than the other two and he knew it. He was banging her as he came back almost completely out and then pounded her. His balls were slapping her ass as he came to the end and she was reaching down with both hands to hold on to the bed as he was fucking her over and over and over. He must have fucked her for about 5 minutes before his wanted her to roll over on her back. She said, “No, I won’t cum that way. You are just going to have to fuck me this way… now do it…” He listened and continued to fuck her. She started to let a big moan and they both had an orgasm at the same time. He pulled out and she laid there for about a minute and said, “That was good… let’s have a few beers and do it again”. The guys laughed and the camera went out…

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