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Swinger Story
Ross' Power Point Performance
by sirhugs ©

My sex life this week had consisted of fantasies, mostly about Lorna or Elena, or Lorna with Elena. In my favourite dream, Lorna listened in again on Elena and I, but, instead of cumming silently outside the door, she slipped into the room, licking my balls from behind as I pumped my hard shaft deeply inside Elena, who I imagined would be lying on my desk, legs up over my shoulders. Lorna might then gently kiss Elena’s ankle, then lick down her legs. After that, Lorna would move around, throatily moan, “hello, my sister in sex,” and give Elena a most unsisterly tongue kiss. Lorna would play with Elena’s nipples as Elena helped her get naked. Then Lorna would kiss down Elena’s body, paying great attention to the neck where it meets the shoulder; the spot at the base of her throat; each nipple. After kissing the nipples, Lorna might realize I was close to cumming, so she would slide her tongue in one stroke down to where my cock entered Elena. She would swing up on the desk, and present her pussy to Elena’s lips. Her talented tongue would drive Elena and I to simultaneous orgasms. I would move behind Lorna, to help Elena present Lorna with the great gift of ‘O’. Elena would cum again on Lorna’s face. I passed through reception, my cock engorged as a result of the fantasizing. I noticed that Cindy, our new receptionist had already left for the day. It was later than I thought, since Cindy’s job was to be the last to leave. Maybe she just forgot, being new. I would be less lenient, but at 24 her generous bosom was still firm. It helped that she dressed to display it, and knew just when to bend down to allow me a good peek. I made a mental note to ask the office manager to give her a good raise. “Elena?” I called into the still silence of the darkened office. If Cindy dimmed the lights, leaving us here, that was not up to policy. I saw that the boardroom door was shut. Maybe Cindy forgot we were still here. I warmed to thoughts of asking Cindy into my office for a closed-door lecture. I cannot help but stare at her breasts. What if she caught me? How would she react? In my fantasy, she smiles and says, “ I’ve noticed you watching them. What do you like so much about my boobs?” “The way they move. I picture you topless, your breasts swaying with that full firmness only young women are blessed with.” She smiles wickedly and then unbuttons her blouse, removes it. She wears a lacy black silk bra. “Like this?” I imagine I would swallow, then say, "but without the bra." She takes the bra off, and then twists her erect ruby red nipples for me. “Turnabout is fair play. I want to see the beautiful cock that you are hiding in your pants”. Her tits shake as she speaks, making it a struggle for me to get my zipper undone. Silently, she steps closer, brushing my hands away, and finishes removing my clothes. “Perhaps my tits and your cock can play together.” Cindy pushes me into my chair, kneeling before me. Although perfectly positioned to take my cock into her full lips, she instead leans up, and forward, rubbing my shaft in the valley of her tits, squeezing them around me. She smiles up at me, maintaining eye contact. After several minutes, she starts rubbing her nipples into the gaping slit of my cock, still sliding inside the tunnel of her abundant flesh. Only as I am about to cum does she bobs her head down to take me into her mouth in one gulp, her hand sliding once down my shaft. With a single squeeze of my balls, she causes all my sperm to flood her mouth. As I finish, she lifts her head, smiling, a drop of pearly jism hanging from her lower lip. Her tongue snakes out to retrieve it. Chastely, she pecks me on the cheek, throws her shirt quickly over her chest, and vanishes from my office. Even if it really happened, it would seem like a dream. ‘Oh, Gosh, Ross,’ I mused, ‘what have those adventuresses done to you, you never thought such things before. Now you’re acting on them.’ I blushed at my thoughts. I must remember to give Lorna a raise as well. Our boardroom was specially designed with sexual harassment laws in mind. A slit window allowed people to look in. In theory, this deterred improper conduct. What I saw at that moment proved reality did not obey theory. In the darkened boardroom, the Power Point slides for my big speech scrolled past automatically projected on the wall. Elena was lying sprawled on her back, clothes crumpled and pulled aside, on the boardroom table. Cindy was eating her pussy. Cindy’s normally upswept dark hair was tumbled about her face in disarray, her own sweater on the table. I was amazed by the fervor with which Cindy was attacking Elena’s pussy, and how Cindy seemed to elicit squeals of joy from the normally shy Elena. Standing outside the door, I noticed a button still spinning where it had bounced onto the windowsill. I was shocked to hear Elena scream, “Oh, Cindy, yes, more, that’s just how Ross made me feel. That man is the best....”. Her voice trailed away into a moan as Cindy’s hands cupped Elena’s ass, drawing Elena’s hips to her mouth. Cindy worked her tongue across Elena’s slit horizontally, then up, then down, then across again. Elena in return was twisting her hips against the younger woman’s mouth, rolling in a semi circular motion. As I watched, Elena reached down to run her fingers through Cindy’s silky dark hair, urging the younger woman to please her more. Cindy seemed to want to tease as well as please, as she slid her tongue out of Elena, slowly running it along Elena’s inner thigh, just tickling the edges of her pinkish pussy with the tip of her tongue, then darting away again. “No, no more teasing, Cindy, just eat me. I can’t wait any more. If Ross misses us, his loss. I can’t wait.” Cindy slid her tongue back inside Elena, exploring the folds of her pussy. Elena’s sighs became moans, then groans, frequency and intensity increasing as the pussy lapping intensified. My cock grew as I watched, and I stroked my hardness through my pants. ‘Well, Lorna said I was supposed to check on Elena,’ I told myself, turning the doorknob. My entrance did nothing to interrupt the encounter on the table. I stood watching as Elena’s hips rocked up higher and faster, bumping loudly down against the table. Cindy made cooing sounds, as if gentling a horse, stroking Elena’s body. Still licking, Cindy started working one finger on Elena’s clit, another teasing her anus. At that point, Elena noticed me, and smiled. “I hope you like your show, Ross. But now, Cindy needs to show us if she really knows how to handle a Power Point.” Accepting the invitation, I stepped behind Cindy, who invitingly raised her rear in the air. Under her short skirt, her naked pussy was covered in a nest of black hair. A tiny silver ring was embedded in one labial lip, I noticed. It seemed to wink at me as Cindy’s hips moved in unison with her ongoing attentions to Elena. Dampness dripped from Cindy onto the tabletop. “Its ok, Ross, I’m on the pill.” Cindy was so aroused, one step closer was all it took to drive my erection into her, she. I reached around her. Careful not to disturb her ministrations to Elena, I cupped those great tits I had dreamed of, using them as handles to rock Cindy back and forth on my cock. Elena watched, smiling up at me, twisting her own nipples in rhythm with my actions. Within moments, Elena’s moans hit a new crescendo, and she collapsed in a puddle, temporarily exhausted by the power of her orgasm. This was all the inspiration my instincts needed to reach my own crest. Instantly, my balls tightened, my shaft shuddered, and my cum flooded Cindy’s waiting receptacle. As tends to happen, I paused after my orgasm. Elena had recovered enough to comment. “Ross, we can’t leave Cindy hanging just now.” I was shocked as Elena, who until recently I had viewed as a attractive but frigid divorcee, slid underneath Cindy. Elena’s tongue bathed my balls, my subsiding cock, and Cindy’s slit, all in long languid strokes. In order to let Elena have better access to Cindy’s clit, I stepped back. After watching for a moment, I stepped to the side of the table. “Cindy, lick me clean.” Cindy’s tongue was as warm and soft as in my dreams. I resumed twisting her nipples as she started shuddering from Elena’s efforts. I felt more sperm rumbling in my balls. Cindy must have felt a throbbing in my shaft, because she stopped licking, and swallowed my whole cock in her mouth effortlessly, still grinding her clit against Elena’s tongue. She started trembling. Just as she collapsed to the table in another giant spasm, my cum surged forward, coating her face and chest. Elena slid out from underneath Cindy and started licking her clean. Elena seemed to be devouring the younger woman. Cindy buried one hand in Elena’s pussy, and teased her own clit with the other. The intensity of Elena’s tongue action picked up, as she seemed to be checking to make sure Cindy’s nipples were exceptionally clean. As I watched, the two women rolled together, bodies intertwined. Their passion peaked in yet another climax. Finally, they wilted back onto the table, a pile of limbs. As Cindy recovered, she resumed the original task of cleaning my cock, this time gently licking and caressing, toying with my balls as I stood at the end of the table. By the time she finished, I was fully erect again. Seeing this, Elena roused herself up off the table, and slid underneath me from behind, licking my balls and the base of my cock as Cindy demonstrated her deep throating skills, sucking me in like a “nice juicy popsicle”, as she described it. I felt my balls tensing again. The ladies must have sensed it too. Cindy said, “ hold on there, Roscoe,” and pulled me up onto the table on my hands and knees. Elena slid underneath me, between my legs. Elena thrust upwards, and Cindy tugged me forward. My cock slid effortlessly into Elena’s excited entrance. Cindy and I kissed deeply, tongues twisting eagerly together. Below me, Elena licked Cindy’s wet labia, and nibbled noisily at her clit. Moments later, no longer able to hold back, I pumped my seed into Elena. She giggled girlishly, and said to Cindy “Now do you know see why Lorna told you I’m the queen of Ross’ Power Point?” If you enjoyed these characters, you can read other adventures of Ross the Boss. The first story is called “ Hey, Legs”, and is in the erotic couplings section. “ Ross the Boss Ch 2” introduces Elena, and is under ‘mature’. My thanks again go to bridgetkeeney for editorial assistance and inspiration. She made this adventure more real. All faults are my own.

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