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Reno Threesome
by sweet throat(f)

Dancing was very different than I'd been used to in California. Up here, there were like 4-5 girls for every guy in the place, so competition for the clients was very stressful. I'm not really complaining now, because it's interesting to look back and remember how it really was. If I got too many guys calling for me, I'd suddenly find myself called aside by a manager to let the other girls get their share. The problem with being the new girl on the block was, I kept getting dealt the guys that they knew weren't the big spenders. I was having trouble making more that $200. 00 a night, and I knew some of the girls took home $2000. 00 at times! But, I guess I was supposed to put in my time before that came my way. I'm not writing to have you feel sorry for me, just that at that time, things were pretty dreary. I didn't have a man in my life either, until Brian. Brian the building maintenance man. He was one of about 25 people that took care of cleaning the Bank offices after hours. He did mostly plumbing and electrical, not the mopping and housekeeping. I was 23 at the time and he was 32. He was a big scruffy guy that smoked smelly cigars and loved his beer, and he was really nice to me... called me Sugar. I'd see him at night when I got home from work, usually about 2am. He kept asking me to go out for coffee and pie every time I'd see him, and I'd tell him I was bushed and needed to crash and burn. One night I waved to him as I was opening my apartment door, and thought... what the hell... and asked him if he still wanted to go have a cup of coffee. He said yes, but that he had already made plans to go with Fred and Isobel, but that we could have a lot more fun as two couples. Fred worked in the kitchen and Isobel was one of the maids. Fred was my age... about 23... not absolutely sure, and very handsome.. VERY! Isobel was 30ish, with short black hair and reminded me of Sally Fields. We walked to a coffee shop about a block away and yacked and talked for a least an hour. Isobel said she had to go, and I did too, but Brian talked me and Fred into staying a little longer. Fred wanted to know more about my job, but Fred kept telling him all the answers. I just smiled and nodded my head every time he'd say, "right Lisa?" I'd just nod and smile...Fred asked if I did private parties and Fred didn't have the answer to that one, and both looked at me waiting for the answer. I said that I hadn't yet, because I'd never been asked. That's when Brian asked me if I'd do a private party with Fred and him.. like... now. At first I was gonna say no thank you, but then thought... I'd just hear what they wanted me to do... They were both a little nervous by now, and I was a LOT nervous, and they asked if I'd do a private strip show for them... and they'd pay me $200. 00. I hadn't been making much more than that for 6 hours worth of work since I started! I asked them where, and they suggested my place, I guess so I'd feel more comfortable in my own surroundings. Fred brought along a boom box with music, because I still only had a clock radio in my apartment. I had them stay in the living room while I put on a red cocktail dress and heels, I came out to music blaring and the two of them applauding. I danced two songs before I removed the dress and pranced around them in heels and panties for another. I lap danced both of them, letting them touch, but not probe... and I was getting hot! Brian kept telling me he had to move his "manhood" around to get more comfortable with me rubbing against him. I laughed and told him that he should take it out and let it get some air... Oooops... As soon as I'd said that, Fred had his cock out of his pants in a flash and was stroking it telling me to take off my panties, so we could rub flesh to flesh. By this time I'd had stopped to finish the glass of wine that they'd left on the table for me... forgot to mention that... and I told them okay, but still NO penetrations allowed... just touching... Then I saw Brian's cock... It wasn't that long, but like a beer can... and thick!!! I almost fell, because my knees buckled. Fred caught me, and I turned around to sit on Brian's lap to try and dance... and as I did, Fred had his cock right in front of my face stroking it... That's when I felt Brian's hand up under my fanny, grabbing his cock and holding it straight up where it began rubbing back and forth over my pussy... I was still trying to act like I was dancing... but was more trying to feel that big cock head rubbing all over my pussy. I leaned forward... my eyes locked onto Fred's lust filled eyes as I opened my mouth. He quickly read my mind and moved forward... taking my head in one hand and guiding his cock into my mouth with the other just as I sat down onto Brian's big cock. I'll never forget the collective groans and sighs of the three of us as two cocks disappeared into my body, I bounced up and down on Brian's cock, almost screaming each time I dropped down onto that blunt monster! Fred was fucking my face with long deep strokes holding it in deep then pulling it out at different angles. It was a weird feeling as he'd push it in from one side then pull it out from a different angle. Fred came first, shooting cum all over my face and tits... After he'd splattered me completely, he lovingly took me by my hair as I continued to fuck myself on Brian's cock, and shoved his cock all the way back in letting me suck any cum left in or on his cock... Just as he popped it out... I screamed... Brian came... so did I... I thought my. whole insides were on fire as I ground my hips into his cock. I collapsed to the floor at his feet, and he stood up with that big barrel cock... all shiny from my pussy and knelt on my rib cage and started fucking my tits! I couldn't believe it, I just panted... all cummy faced and pushed my boobs together for him and he came again... like really quick. He squirted all over my face too, and as he stood up, Fred had kneeled between my thighs... lifted my legs up and had stuffed his cock deep in my pussy. I came again! I smiled up at Brian through cummy eyes as I saw him trying to stroke more life into his limp cock, but he couldn't. Fred came again, squirting up inside me... then pulling out and letting the rest squirt across my tummy... As I lay there on the floor drenched in two men's cum... dipping my fingers in the splotches... trying to figure out which cum belonged to which guy... *S*... they gave me a rousing applause again, saying goodnight and leaving $300. 00 on the table for me as they left... I soaked in the tub for about 2 hours that night/morning, but still made it to work by 2pm that afternoon. Funny, I made $800 that night... Go figure.

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