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Swinger Story
San Francisco
by Higgy ©

I take you hand in mine as we walk along the empty sidewalk to the bar you know. The clicking of your high heels on the sidewalk is the only noise we hear, apart from our incessant laughing. I stop, bring you close to me. Our lips meet, our tongues dart and dance. My hand cups your breasts, my fingers can feel your hard nipples under the material. I move you to the building wall. My cock is hard. I want you now…I want to force my cock inside your pussy. I raise the dress above your hips. Move the panties to one side, baring your shaved pussy. You spread your legs, your fingers undo the zip to my trousers, your hand delves inside and grasps my erection. I sigh as you take it out. I turn you to face the wall, spread eagle, thighs apart. Your pussy is wet, warm and receptive to my cock as I slide inside you. A car goes by, we don't care. Our bodies move in unison in the throes of sexual activity. It is quick, defined, furious. I feel you tense, I know you are about to come, I want you to come all over my cock. I want you to taste your come on my cock. I love my cock in your mouth. You come, I pull out. Grab your hair and pull your face down to my wet glistening cock, wet from your juices. You know what I want. You take me inside, lick, suck and clean your juices. You like the taste. Your hand cups my balls, gently squeezing, you suck heavily. I hold your head, I want to finish in your mouth. I explode, deep inside your mouth. You swallow, not spilling a drop of my seed. We kiss and smile. Walking hand in hand, our sexual desire abated for a while longer. We know there will be more, we both want more. The bar is dimly lit, busy, cosy. The bartender serves our drinks as we find a spare table. You cross your legs. You whisper that you are being looked at by the loner at the bar. I look in his direction. He is looking at you. I tell you to uncross your legs again, slowly, let him see, let him look. I feel my cock growing yet again, so soon. You do, he looks. More drinks ordered. You are feeling excited at the thought of him looking at your legs. You tell me this. I smile. I tell you to hitch the dress slightly higher. You look at me and smile. You are enjoying the thought of his eyes upon your legs as you indeed do hitch the dress higher, baring your thighs. You uncross your legs again, slowly re crossing them. You know that he can see your white panties. I whisper. You smile. You return from the ladies toilets and you show me your panties in your purse. You have taken them off and adjusted the top to your dress to expose a little more of your boobs. I can just see your nipples. I wonder if he can? He looks at you. You cross your legs again, the dress is high, covering virtually nothing. We are both horny and excited. I can see your taut nipples, can he? Can he see your shaven pussy yet I wonder to myself? I go to the bar, order another round of drinks. He says something to me, complimentary things about you. I look over. You smile. I return that smile. I can see your legs, such nice legs. You uncross them. I cannot see your pussy, the light is too dim. He and I chat whilst the drinks are being poured. He is a stranger to Frisco. He recognises me as being English. I invite him to join us in a drink. He accepts and joins us at the table. We introduce ourselves and he smiles at you. He too, like me, can see your nipples. Do you want him to see them I wonder? I hope so. We drink and laugh. The air is getting charged, the sexual tension is growing. This is highlighted as you uncross your legs. The dress is high upon your thighs. I am sure that he can see your nakedness underneath, I can, but I know you are naked don't I? You lean forward, the dress opens. We both look down the front. I can see, he can see, your breasts. We talk, we laugh. I notice your eyes fall to his crotch. I look to, yes, he is hard. I can see the bulge within his jeans, so can you. Do you want his cock I think? Would you like his cock? Do you want both our cocks? The thoughts race in my fertile mind. It is getting late, we have a final drink before the bartender closes. He, your onlooker, is staying in the Motel across the street. He has a full refrigerator full of drink he says as we bemoan the fact that the bar is closing. I look at you, you smile. I return that smile. We follow him, hand in hand. The Motel room is large and comfortable. He opens the fridge, extracts three bottles of beer. We take one each and sit upon the king size bed. Your dress is high yet again, I like it like that. The tv is flicked on for background sounds, the channels whipped through, looking for music. We talk and laugh some more. You look at his lower body again. Is he still hard I wonder? I cannot make it out, so maybe not. Do you want him hard I think? He excuses himself. We look at each other. I want to kiss you. I lean forward, out lips meet as do our tongues. I cup your breasts, squeeze your nipples, they are hard. We are still kissing as he returns to the room. We continue kissing, we know he is there, we don't care. He turns the channels. I hear a moaning. You hear it too. We stop. Do you mind he asks as he has found a channel with porn. I look at you, you smile. We don't I say to him. We all look at the screen. We sit upon the bed, you, for some reason, have found yourself in the middle. I am sure that you don't mind that. We look at the screen. You gasp as you see the sight of a large cock, hard and plunging inside a pussy. You drain your bottle. He gets you another. Your legs are slightly raised. I know that he can now see you. You want him to see you. He sets down next to you again. My cock is hard, I am sure his is too. I am sure you are wet. You straighten your legs, the dress has remained oh so high upon your thighs. It barely covers you. My hand is on your thigh. You look and smile. I kiss your cheek and smile back as my fingers trace up and down your legs. Your eyes are set upon the scene, the cock now in her mouth. I hear you omit a gentle sigh as my fingers go slightly higher. As if we were alone, you part your legs, allow me free access to your trimmed pussy. Not a care in the world, I raise the dress. He looks on as your trimmed pussy comes into view. He watches as your fingers stroke your nipples under the material of the dress. You are horny. We are all horny. I am hard, so is he, I can see that now. You part your legs wider, the dress now above your hips. My fingers touch you, slip inside you. He is looking on, squeezing his cock beneath his jeans. You see his hand upon his cock. I take the bottle from you, your hands are now free to play. Play you do, two cocks are felt by your hands. Two zips undone by your fingers, tow cocks now in your hands. I remove your dress, you lay there naked, free and sexy. I kiss you as you squeeze both cocks in your hands. You look at me, your eyes sparkle. I answer the unasked question. You move, your hair falls upon his now naked thighs. Your mouth opens, you take him inside. You lick and suck every inch as you feel my cock parting your pussy lips. This is your first threesome. You have had dreams of this, this is real. You swallow his whole length, enjoying the taste of his cock as I continue to fuck you from behind.

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