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Swinger Story
You Seduce Two Friends
by Ug!

One of them mentions that day you spent together in a hotel room making passionate love! You laugh, then glare at him and say "that never happened! Well, not yet anyway..." The two guys look at each other and go quiet. One of them says "well, we have the hotel room, and the time... we can always fix that small oversight." Your only response is "do you have any port?" One of them says "of course we do!" then whispers something to the other, who says he will meet you in the room (while he rushes out to buy a good bottle) You and, hmm... Chris, wander up to the room, and you and Chris snuggle a bit in the elevator while you carry on talking... you notice that he has quite an erection in his jeans. when you get to the room, you notice that it's a suite, with two bedrooms... and that there are bags in both rooms. I guess the rumours aren't true... *wink* Chris gives you a huge hug from behind, and nuzzles your neck... and you say "hey, aren't we going to wait for Allen?", but then turn round and kiss him. It gets a little passionate. There you are kissing Chris, and then a very out of breath Allan busts in the door wielding a bottle of port... "here it is!" Then looks very annoyed when he sees you in Chris' arms. "Hey, talk about taking advantage!" So you walk over to him and give him a huge kiss as well. While Allan is busy kissing you... (and sneaking a hand down to your butt) he waves the bottle at Chris (what a thing to do with a good bottle of port!) and Chris takes the bottle, then goes to the kitchen part of the suite and finds three glasses, then pours the port. You push Allan over to where the glasses of port are sitting on the bench, then point them at the couch. They sit down and you snuggle in between them. (Chris has bought the bottle over as well) You are between them, kissing one, then the other... stopping to laugh and drink and chat on occasion. Then while you are kissing Chris, Alan starts sliding a hand up your leg, under your skirt... slowly. (obviously expecting to be slapped) You turn to him and kiss him, and so Chris takes advantage of your back to him and sneaks his hand up under your top... although this time you are wearing a bra. He slides his fingers around to play with a nipple... meanwhile Allan keeps sliding his hand up. And discovers you are *not* wearing panties... You gasp as he slides two fingers inside you, and Chris is nuzzling your neck, and pulling your top up... and squeezing one of your nipples. While you are kissing Allan. About then, Allan discovers your clit piercing... He pushes up your skirt and says "Hey Chris, look at this!" Chris bends over to see... and when he sees what it is, he abandons his hold on your nipples, and drops to his knees to take it into his mouth. You have one guy with his lips around your clit and your piercing, playing with it with his tongue, while another guy (having lost his place at your pussy) decides to start sucking on one of your nipples... Chris starts pushing his fingers into your pussy... while he carries on licking you... and allan is playing with your nipples with his hands and muffling your groans by kissing you passionately. meanwhile, your hands are working on undoing allan's fly (you can't reach chris) Allan gives you a hand (you were having problems undoing his belt from the way you are sitting) and stops to take of his shirt. Chris is still busy... he has two fingers all the way up inside you (your skirt is around your waist now) and is sliding another finger into your arse, while he licks your pussy lips and your clit, stopping to push the piercing around with his tongue... Once you have Allan's pants on the floor and spot his erection, you trail your way down his body with kisses and your breasts... (you've lost the top and bra completely now), until you reach his penis with your mouth. This involves a bit of squirming on Chris's part, since he's dead keen on what he is doing... and you are starting to feel the effects! You have to stop on occasion to pant.. you are very near cumming now. There's not much you can do... Chris's dead set on bringing you to orgasm! You've got two fingers pumping your pussy, and another your arse, he's squeezing them together, and his other hand is playing with your pussy lips while he sucks your clit... I suspect that once you orgasm, they're not going to stop... just move on to other things. Once you have cum all over Chris's mouth, and gotten Allan rather excited with your mouth... you pull away from Chris, then slide your backside up allan's body, then sit down slowly onto his hard cock. Then you pull Chris up to his feet, and start undressing him... while rotating your hips on Allan's lap. Allan seems to be enjoying himself under you... and is playing with your breasts from behind and kissing your shoulders and back. In the mean time, you have Chris naked, and you've arranged him so you can take his cock deep into your mouth... Well, Chris is kinda excited (and from the groans, allan is much the same way)... and he warns you that he is close to cumming in your mouth! You pull away... and tell him you want him to cum inside you... you want to feel both men inside you at the same time. You rotate around on Allan's lap, trying to keep him inside you... until your breasts are falling all over his chest. You push him further down into the couch, so your arse is up in the air, with Allan deep inside your pussy. Then you look back at Chris, and tell him "get you cock good and wet, then push it up my arse... I want you to cum in my arse" Chris gets his cock good and wet with his own juices and yours... then very slowly pushes the head of his cock up into your arse. That works for a wee while, but you want more, and push back, pushing his cock deep inside you, occasionally bucking uncontrollably at the feeling of having two cocks inside you... until Chris is deep in your arse, and Allan is moving slowly, fucking you. Then Chris starts to move a little. Two cocks, in your pussy and your arse, moving slowly in and out... fucking you. You know you only came a little while ago... but already you feel like it won't be long until you cum again. Your nipples are hard and throbbing, and you feel so full of cock... and you are moaning and kissing allan desperately, while Chris squeezes your nipples hard between his fingers Your pussy is squeezing Allan's cock (you are so close to cumming), and you keep clamping down on Chris's cock so he has to stop moving... and soon you are bucking, pushing down on both of their cocks... and then as you pant out your orgasm... you feel Allan explode in your pussy and Chris swear as he cums in your arse... well, I figured you would offer to join Chris and Allan in a shower (once you all caught your breath), and then point out that there's still a whole bottle of port to get through...

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